James Harrison has a run to remember

James Harrison has a run to recall Polk, Fla. James Harrison didn’t win the Defensive Player of the season award by making plays like this. He’s a sacker nicely run stuffer, Not a great distance runner. Didn’t procedure. Harrison went the space on a 100 yard interception return to swing the NFL title game on Sunday night when it appeared james harrison jersey the Arizona Cardinals were ready to take the halftime lead. The pittsburgh steelers went on to win their record sixth Super Bowl, 27 23. On a first and goal play ones Steelers’ 2 with 18 seconds left in the half, Kurt Warner threw a short pass over the middle for the purpose of Anquan Boldin big and tall nfl jerseys, Who had made two catches for 11 yards on the last two plays. Harrison, The Steelers’ right outside of linebacker, Read the play perfectly and cut at Boldin to make the interception at the goal line and take off up the Arizona sideline. The All Pro linebacker was slowed twice on each side of the 50, With Warner himself trying and missing to associated with tackle, Before being hauled down by Larry Fitzgerald’s facemask tackle but not before thrusting the ball on the goal line. « All we were thinking was that he had to score if he gets tackled, It’s certainly, Qb Ben Roethlisberger said http://www.bigtallgearshop.com/nhl/new-york-rangers/27-ryan-mcdonagh-jersey.html. « Those find of plays he has been making all year, Did Harrison ever think that other than the clock used up if he didn’t get in, He could give out? « I was will make it, Harrison known. « I’m not taking lie It was a quarter tank[Forced]. But I ended up mobile, It was fitting that Harrison had such an extended return. Cut four instances by NFL teams, Three by the pittsburgh steelers, He mulled a career as a cross country trucker or bus driver before the Steelers brought him back in 2004 and he stayed. He became a starter only last season generating the Pro Bowl team and james harrison jersey, This key fact season, His 16 sacks won him the AP Defensive Player of the season award. Up until now, The longest interception in a Super Bowl game was Kelly Herndon’s 76 yarder for Seattle against Pittsburgh in Detroit many years ago. The longest play from scrimmage was Jake Delhomme’s 85 yard TD throw to Muhsin Muhammad for Carolina against http://www.bigtallgearshop.com/nhl/new-york-rangers/27-ryan-mcdonagh-jersey.html New England five often Sunday. The Steelers’ Willie Parker had a 75 yard landing against Seattle, The best run in Super Bowl history. Not counting the Steelers’ mark for most Super Bowl wins by a franchise(six) And Harrison’s 100 yard score return, Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin took over as the youngest head coach to win(36). Arizona’s Warner had his third 300 yard passing presentation in an NFL title game, Though Steelers(58) And even Cardinals(33) Together for the fewest rushing yards in a Super Bowl. The Cardinals’ Larry Fitzgerald finished with more prolific statistics for a receiver in one postseason with 30 receptions for 546 yards and seven touchdowns, Records in all three kinds. Warner was given the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year award during pregame festivities. He was selected over mn center Matt Birk and Philadelphia safety Brian Dawkins, The other finalists for the award that recognizes players for charitable advantages and community involvement off the field. President obama predicted the Steelers would win the Super Bowl and they proved him right. President barak, Who talked football during a meeting with Matt Lauer on NBC’s pregame show, Didn’t guess a score, But rumoured, « I think the Steelers ‘re going to eek it out in the end, He wasn’t right with his pick yr after, Considering the losing Patriots. « I’m still thinking how that guy made that catch, He said of the, Helmet top wedding celebration by the New York Giants’ David Tyree. Asked if he had an awful Towel in the other room, President barak said: « I truly do, In actual fact. I’m not rubbing it in because we’ve got some Arizona congressmen here and I may need their vote Boldin big and tall nfl jerseys on the recovery package, When asked by Bob Costas why he finally consented to accomplish at a Super Bowl halftime, Bruce Springsteen told the pollsters: « I have an album build, Phony. It’s not too tricky.